MoneySupermarket Launch iPad Car Insurance App

If you use the MoneySupermarket car insurance comparison service online then you could save an average of £374.93, which is almost enough to buy the new iPad.

Those who already own an Apple tablet will be pleased to hear that a bespoke version of MoneySupermarket’s app has now launched for the iPad.

After being released for the iPhone last year, the app has been updated to work wonderfully well on the larger display of a tablet while still retaining the core features that made it great in the first place.

You will, unsurprisingly, be required to create an account with MoneySupermarket if you have yet to do so before you use the app, but this can be easily carried out on your iPad.

Your account information will store details on your car and your own personal data, all of which is used to get accurate quotes from more than 100 different insurers when you start comparing prices.

The data will be kept on hand for future reference and if you are interrupted while seeking a quote, the app will automatically remember your position in the process and let you resume from there.

The quotes are not simply just the prices – they are rich in detail and are able to link you directly with the insurance company of your choice. You have the option to retrieve them from your home computer or recall them on your iPad at a later date if you have yet to decide.

The type of insurance, whether it’s comprehensive or third party only, will be displayed alongside each quote. As with comparing online on your computer, it will be possible to determine which types of service you search for so you can find those that match your budget and requirements.

When the time comes to renew your insurance you can do it in as few as three taps on your screen, according to MoneySupermarket.

This means that there will be no need to spend hours browsing through various sites and getting in touch with individual insurers because the app will do all the legwork for you, allowing you to get on with other things.

iPad owners will enjoy the simplicity of the interface, which is in keeping with other iOS applications and will make it easy to enter details and compare insurance quotes for your vehicle.

If you have a 3G iPad, you will be able to search for quotes wherever there is coverage, while Wi-Fi only models will need to be hooked up to a compatible hotspot.

The app is the first free comparison tool of its kind in the iPad’s App Store. It will be able to help you save money without requiring any kind of payment upfront.

If you are sick of rising insurance costs and do not have the time to compare prices on your PC or laptop, this iPad solution could be a great alternative